Dental bonding is the use of white, tooth-colored composite filling material to fill, repair, or making minor aesthetic improvements to a tooth. The procedure is technique-sensitive, which means the systems in the procedure have to be performed precisely and without error. That’s why you want an expert Tri-City Dental Care dentist to perform bonding for you! Unlike mercury fillings where you essentially fill a hole, placing composite bonding takes precision and detail or else the bonding will fail. If done incorrectly the filling will leak, fall out, crack, break, or the patient will have sensitivity after the filling is placed. Done correctly, however, dental bonding is an excellent, highly aesthetic, and long-lasting result for repairing, restoring or enhancing a tooth.

Our Tri-City Dental Care dentists are perfectionists in all they do, including their precision tooth bonding. They have mastered the sensitive technique and have thousands of successful tooth bonding results to their names.


At Tri-City Dental Care, when we place veneers to improve your smile, we use a highly aesthetic bonding material applied directly to your teeth to fix dark or white spots, repair chips, fractures, or cracks, reshape teeth, reduce the poor appearance of crooked teeth, and whiten your smile.

Our team of dentists has decades of experience along with the skill and innate talent required to achieve incredibly good-looking results using bonding to improve the appearance of your smile.

Tri-City Dental Caredelivers results that are truly undetectable, natural-looking, and beautiful.