Do DIY Braces Work?

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Do DIY Braces Work

Today, the Internet allows information, ideas, and new products to spread like wildfire and to reach millions of people. This connection is incredible in allowing people to stay informed, share their voice, and learn new things! Unfortunately, it can also lead to the spread of potentially dangerous products and ideas.

What Are DIY Braces?

Have you seen the clear moldable retainers sold on Amazon? Or the video tutorials for “gap bands,” the supposed teeth-straightening method using rubber hairbands?

For those of you who haven’t heard of the gap bands “technique,” it’s basically tying pairs of teeth together using rubber bands to pull them closer, closing the gap. The practice has been popularized by individuals with no orthodontic training or understanding of how teeth move and how quickly (or slowly!) this should be done. All they have is a following on YouTube, a bit of gumption, and a pack of rubber bands. Unfortunately, gap bands can lead to injury and even loss of teeth – something that is absolutely not worth it.

Amazon DIY Braces

The reviews speak for themselves. Some mentioned ” …it can’t be good for your jaw! I quit after two nights because I woke up with not being able to close my mouth correctly for a little while.” and “I wound up with 3 cuts in my mouth.”

You risk permanent damage.

Even if your teeth don’t actually fall out from DIY braces, the risk of permanent damage to the teeth roots and to the gums is very high.

The American Association of Orthodontist has even issued a consumer alert warning individuals against the practice of DIY braces!


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