Dental Crowns

There may be occasions when you need a solution that gives you back the perfect appearance for a tooth that has been damaged or is otherwise in need of protection and enhancement.

In these cases, dental crowns offer a terrific way of covering the entire surface of the tooth. This is often the method that may be recommended to you by a dentist in Kennewick to restore the shape, size, strength or appearance of a tooth.

Dental Crowns for Healthy and Good-Looking Teeth

Crowns are very useful in a number of situations where other dental solutions won’t give the desired results. The following are some of the situations in which they are often used:

  • To attach a bridge.
  • When there is a filling that is too large for the tooth to support.
  • To protect a cracked or broken tooth.
  • To cover a tooth with a root canal.
  • To enhance the aesthetics of the tooth.

Given the importance attached to having healthy and good looking teeth, the right dental crowns can add greatly to your enjoyment of life and the pleasure that you get from smiling. Don’t forget that smiling makes you feel happier, as well as allowing you to make a positive impression on other people.

When the time comes to choose a type of dental crown for your tooth, there are several options to be aware of. For example, modern porcelain crowns are now the most popular options, as they give a very natural appearance. You can expect one to last for up to 30 years.

In the past, dental crowns were usually made of metal and it is still possible to get one made of gold or silver, with porcelain over metal being another possibility.

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