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Need an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

At Tri City Dental Care, we know that accidents can happen anytime at any place. When they do happen, injuries can occur and pain is inevitable. Sometimes these accidents happen after business hours. What can be done when a car wreck knocks out your front teeth? What will be done if a hockey puck leaves serious damage to your son’s mouth? Any dental emergency requires immediate action to help ease your pain and get you feeling back to normal.

The Best Emergency Dentist in Tri-Cities

As the dentist for the Tri City Americans hockey team, Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra has seen and treated plenty of tooth and gum injuries. Whether they are sports-related or the result of a fall or other accident, these and other oral accidents require the services of an experienced emergency dentist.

At times, even eating can cause a dental emergency. Even eating a really hard food item can cause a tooth to break. Depending on the size and location of the break, it could cause severe pain. This would definitely be a situation in which you would need emergency care.

However, sometimes an accident is not the cause of an emergency. An abscess can happen over time, with infection starting days or weeks before the tooth becomes abscessed. Decayed, broken, or chipped teeth can harbor bacteria that could cause an infection. As the infection worsens, an abscess will form. Since teeth are connected to the heart, this infection could be life-threatening if it spreads. Seeking a dentist after hours could literally save your life in the event of an abscess.

Urgent Dental Care Near You

Nobody wants to be put in the position of trying to find a dentist after the office is closed. However, emergencies can occur at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us for emergency dental services if you are in pain from a broken tooth, have teeth that have been knocked out, or if an infection is suspected.

Suffering a dental emergency is bad enough, but what if you can’t find a Tri-Cities dentist to deal with it right away? The pain and the damage to your smile can seem even worse when you know that you are going to have to wait to get it sorted out.

Same Day Dental Appointment

Fortunately, we can help you out by scheduling emergency dental appointments at short notice. We will always try our very best to make sure that you get the attention you deserve as quickly as possible. This is particularly true in the following cases, where urgent dental attention is needed, and a same-day appointment can make all the difference:
• You are suffering from tooth pain.
• You have chipped or broken teeth.
• You need to have dislodged teeth looked at urgently

Get into the Dentist Today

Tri-City Dental Care is here for all your dental emergency needs. Give us a call today at 509.204.7516.

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