Professional Teeth Whitening in Tri-Cities, WA

Looking for professional teeth whitening services in Tri-Cities? One surefire way to enhance your smile is to whiten your teeth. Depending on the amount of dental work you’ve had, your mouth’s sensitivity and the color of your teeth, your dentist can suggest appropriate whitening methods including professional bleaching, whitening toothpaste, and home bleaching.

Methods for Teeth Whitening

  • Whitening toothpastes include mild abrasives and other agents, these can remove minor surface stains.
  • Professional bleaching is usually done in one visit, the dentist applies a bleaching agent to the teeth while shielding the gums to reduce possible irritation. Sometimes special lights are used to enhance the process. Natural teeth can be immediately whitened.
  • Home bleaching typically involves a mouthguard containing a peroxide-based whitener applied to teeth over several days, this method is dentist-prescribed but can be lower cost than in-office treatments.

What’s the Difference Between Teeth Whitening & Teeth Bleaching?

  • Teeth whitening is a process where the natural color of teeth by removing stains from the tooth surface.
  • Bleaching teeth is a process that includes whitening teeth beyond their natural color.

Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening done by your dentist can get teeth brighter faster. The bleaching solution is usually much stronger than at-home kits. Also, heat, light, or a combination of the two may be used to speed and intensify the whitening process.


The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Tri-Cities, WA

You’ve probably never heard “dentist office visit” and “spa-like” in the same breath, but that is what you will find at Tri City Dental Care in Kennewick. When we say our practice is centered around you, it means all of you. Our specialists know that being relaxed, safe and mentally centered is a critical importance in the long-term success of your oral health. Coming to Tri City Dental Care is not only quick and efficient but instantly pleasurable.  Just some of the extras you will appreciate are customized massage chairs, aromatherapy and paraffin hand treatment.


Find a Tri-Cities Dentist Near You

Tri-City Dental Care can help you determine the best option for your budget and needs to protect your mouth and preserve your natural teeth. You deserve to get the white, beautiful teeth that you have always dreamed of. You will love the results from teeth whitening and won’t be able to keep the smile off your face. We are located on Plaza way in Kennewick. We are the building with the green roof, across from Trios. Call us now to schedule a stress-free appointment at Tri-City Dental Care. 509.204.7516

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