Kid’s Dental Tips for the Summer

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Stay on a routine

Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra recommends brushing once in the morning, once at night, and flossing before bed (would be great if we could floss in the morning after breakfast as well).  If kids are younger than 10 years old, they need help brushing and flossing!  They haven’t developed their motor skills enough before age 10 to do it themselves.  Mom and dad, we need you to get in there an help out!  We see many parents that say their kids aren’t brushing, but it’s up to you guys to help them keep those sugar bugs off their teeth! This is one of the most important kid’s dental tips we can share.

Remember, you can spend an extra 6 hours with your kiddos during summer time if you brush and floss for two minutes a day, morning and night.  Dental bonding moments are the best!

Stay away from a lot of sugar

Summer time is notorious for sugar intake!  We tend to eat a lot of soda, CapriSuns, and what not!  Try and limit this mom and dad!  Prevent those cavities…we need our kiddos to keep their new teeth for life!  Instead of the sugary drink, give them water (preferably with fluoride).  Dr. Lopez played soccer growing up, and he knows how fun it is to have your sugary drink and candy bar after soccer games and practice.  You can do it, but please limit it!!

Make the back to school dental appointment early

August is a mad rush at a dental office!  Parents are trying to get their kids in before they start school.  Please call us early to get your child in ASAP.  We see a decline in patient counts during the September and October months, and that’s actually a good thing.  This means that parents got things taken care of in before school started.  Call Tri-City Dental Care early so we can make your life easier, and your kiddos can focus on their schooling.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!  For more dental tips visit our DentalWeekly YouTube page.

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