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With cosmetic dentistry procedures, you can improve the appearance of their teeth, mouth, and smile. Most of the procedures in cosmetic dentistry are optional rather than necessary. However, there are treatments that can give you restorative benefits. Procedures may be simple while others can be more complex, especially for major repairs. But all these have a common goal: to improve your smile.

Here are some of the most common Cosmetic Dentist procedures we can do as your Local Cosmetic Dentist:


Bleaching whitens your teeth. Discoloration happens in the enamel so people often get this treatment to get rid of the stains on their teeth. It could be because of cigarettes, tea or coffee consumption, as well as medications. Discoloration can also happen because of age or simply because of hereditary traits.

The procedure begins with the dentist providing the client with a custom mouthpiece. This is to make sure that the teeth are exposed properly, and that the client will be using the right amount of whitening solution.

The typical duration of bleaching at home can take about two to four weeks. It highly depends on the shade that you want to achieve. In the dentist’s office, it can take about one or more sessions that can last from forty-five minutes to an hour.


Bonding is a material that has the same shade as natural teeth. It is used to fill in gaps between teeth, small cavities, as well as change your teeth’s color and shape. The procedure only requires a single visit to the dentist’s office and you can expect bonding to last for several years.

However, among the other types of restoration, bonding is more prone to chipping or staining. With teeth that are slightly decayed or chipped, the material of choice could be bonded composite resin.


Crowns, also called caps, cover teeth in order to give back its normal appearance and shape. Going through this procedure is an option when all of the other treatments are not expected to be as effective. Of all the cosmetic restoration procedures, crowns are expected to last long. It is also the most time-consuming treatment.


Veneers can either be made of plastic or porcelain and are placed over the teeth to change its shape or color. Most of the time, veneers are used for teeth that are crooked, unevenly shaped, discolored, chipped, or with uneven surfaces. It addresses the same issues as that of bonding. However, compared to bonding, clients can expect veneers to be more stable and to last longer.

The procedure for veneers begins with the dentist taking an impression of the client’s teeth. But before that veneer is placed on the teeth, the dentist will buff them lightly. This is to make sure that the thickness of the veneer is the same as those with the other teeth. When the veneers have been cemented onto the teeth, a light beam is utilized to harden it together. The procedure requires little to no anesthesia.

Veneers are generally regarded as a great alternative to crowns. The procedure for having crowns can be a bit more expensive so veneers offer almost the same results without having to cost as much.

Contouring and Reshaping

With this procedure, teeth that overlap, irregularly shaped, chipped, or crooked can be corrected. Contouring and reshaping can change the shape, length, as well as position of the teeth. If the client has issues with biting, teeth contouring can also be used to address that.

With tooth reshaping, bonding is most commonly combined in the procedure. This treatment is perfect for clients who have healthy, normal teeth but want to have some changes with their overall smile.

Knowing the Right Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure for You

If you are planning to undergo treatments to improve your smile, ask your Local Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Antonio Lopez the options available for you. This is usually determined by the condition of your teeth as well as your desired outcome after the treatment. Here are some of the questions you can ask to be able to know which procedure will fit you best:

  • What changes can I expect?
  • What will the procedure be like?
  • What is the required method of maintenance?

To make sure that you are seeing a skilled dentist, ask Dr. Lopez your Local Cosmetic Dentist the following before going through the treatment:

  • Before and after procedure photos: You can check the results of the other clients who have been treated by Dr. Lopez.  This is important to Dr. Lopez, because he wants you to be relaxed and have the best possible experience.
  • Proof of continuing education: This is important to know, so you can be assured that Dr. Lopez is updated with the latest available techniques when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Lopez will exceed your expectations every time.