Kennewick Emergency Dentist; Causes and Treatment of Tooth Pain

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Tooth Pain Is More Common Than You Think!

Common symptoms our patients in Tri-Cities complain about are tooth sensitivity or pain. We use our teeth so regularly that any sensitivity can be very debilitating. We will expand on the types and causes of tooth sensitivity and pain, and explain the possible treatment options there are for each. As your local emergency dentist, Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra at Tri-City Dental Care would be happy to answer any of your questions about tooth pain.

My Teeth Hurt, What Should I Do?

  1. Short-duration sensitivity to cold or hot drinks/foods.
    1. Causes: Gum recession (exposing sensitive roots), minimal decay, a defective or loose filling, and interferences in the bite.
    2. Treatments: Use an over-the-counter or prescription sensitivity toothpaste. Contact your local emergency dentist at Tri-City Dental Care NOW if the sensitivity does not subside. If there are bite interferences, Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra will adjust your bite.
  2. After getting a filling or crown, there is a hot and cold sensitivity to drinks/foods.
    1. Causes: Any time dental work is performed the nerve sustains inflammation; sometimes minor and sometimes major. Most of the time this sensitivity is minor and temporary. Sometimes a filling may be too high, and not allow you to bite down all the way.
    2. Treatments: To allow the nerve some time to replenish itself, we must allow 2-4 weeks of healing time. If the symptoms worsen, and sensitivity is not subsiding after 2-4 weeks, then it’s time to call Tri-City Dental Care. Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra will adjust your bite if necessary.
  3. Sharp and lingering pain that persists for more than 20-30 seconds after consuming hot or cold drinks/foods. Ibuprofen or Tylenol is not doing much to stop the pain. Pain keeps you up at night.
    1. Causes: More than likely, the tooth has experienced irreversible damage. This damage is caused by tooth trauma or deep decay.
    2. Treatments: Call your local root canal dentist at Tri-City Dental Care ASAP! Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra will tell you that a root canal and crown are necessary. This will prevent damage to teeth and surrounding tissues.
  4. Severe and consistent severe pain. You will often experience pressure and pain in your gum tissues.
    1. Causes: The nerve is either partially or completely dead in the tooth. Surrounding tissues and bone are abscessed.
    2. Treatments: Call your local emergency dentist at Tri-City Dental Care! Antonio Lopez-Ibarra will let you know if; the tooth can be saved, or if too much damage has been caused, and pulling the tooth is the best option.
  5. Pressure and ache in your jaw muscles.
    1. Causes: This pain is not related to infection. The cause of this pain is due to either grinding or clenching your teeth.
    2. Treatments: Call your local emergency dentist in Kennewick at Tri-City Dental Care for an evaluation of your jaw muscles.

Emergency Root Canals In Kennewick, WA

Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra has extensive experience in treating dental emergencies. He does root canals efficiently and effectively. Call us today at Tri-City Dental Care if you feel severe tooth pain!  509.579.0759