Tri-City Dental Care Partners with Tri-City Americans Hockey

KENNEWICK (October 25, 2018) Tri-City Dental Care announces partnership with Tri-City Americans Hockey. Tri-City Dental Care supports the Kennewick community in several areas – from sports to scholarships. At  Tri-City Dental Care we believe in championing a positive perception of dentistry. We select our partners carefully making sure they represent the same community values in their area of engagement. Overall, we hope that our involvement leads to a healthier, happier community.

Dr. Antonio Lopez Ibarra, owner, and dentist is happy to partner with an organization that is a key player in bringing the community together. “As a Central Washington local, I know how important it is for local businesses and clubs to be supported by the community. Tri-City Dental Care in Kennewick has developed strong links to the people in this area over the past year and we are proud to help a local sports club grow alongside our community.”

The Tri-City Americans play their home games at the Toyota Center. They are a major junior ice hockey team of the Western Hockey League, based in Kennewick, Washington.

A few facts about the Tri-City Americans:

  • Their first season in Tri-Cities was in 1988.
  • Their biggest rival is the Spokane Chiefs.
  • The Toyota Center seats 6,000 people.
  • They won the US division season championship three years in a row.
  • The Americans won the Western Conference championship in 2010.

The sport injury that no one talks about.

We often talk about the risks of concussions in impact sports, however, there are many other high-risk injuries that take players out of the game.

Dental trauma has been noted as a common and reoccurring affliction in ice hockey, and 10-39% of all sports injuries are dental related.

When NHL players get hit in the mouth with a stick or puck during a game, they are moments away from getting professional treatment from a team dentist and perhaps an oral surgeon. The Nashville Predators and Los Angeles Kings are among the teams with a dental chair in their arenas.

Dr. Lopez is excited to be the solution to maxillofacial and dental ice hockey injuries faced by the Tri-City Americans. If you are a local hockey player in need of a mouth guard or help with dental trauma, broken teeth, or fractured teeth, Tri-City Dental in Kennewick is here to help.

Looking for something to do this weekend? 

The Americans hockey games are a good way to break away from the daily routine, enjoy good food and good company. If you’re attending one of the games, make sure to snap a picture of the Tri-City Dental Care logo on the ice for a chance to win a prize.

If you would like to learn about sponsorship opportunities for the Tri-City Americans, please visit this LINK.