New Year, Whiter Smile!

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The right time to get teeth whitening treatment.

There’s no better time than the New Year! In 2019, you are setting goals and resolutions. One goal you can shoot for is a whiter and brighter smile. Teeth whitening lightens teeth, helping remove discoloration and stains that have taken place over time.

The primary target of teeth whitening is the tooth enamel, which results from the natural color combined with the color of the dentin underneath. Other defining factors are the smoothness and thickness of the enamel, which is usually the result of inherited genes as well as the overall wear of the enamel over time.

Some reasons your smile might not be not so bright:

– Poor dental care (not brushing and flossing every single day or not attending your biannual dental visits)
– Natural aging (wear and tear; dentin starts to yellow over time)
– Smoking marijuana or tobacco stains
– Dark-colored liquids (coffee, tea, soda, wine)
– Dental trauma (if the dentin is damaged, it can create a darker layer underneath the enamel)
– Medications (certain medications or medical care can cause discoloration or dental damage)

If these sound like reasons you have yellowing teeth, then we can help find the solution to give you a whiter smile. 

The best, fastest, and longest-lasting results.

For the best, fastest, and longest-lasting results, we provide teeth whitening in Kennewick using  Zoom® LightSpeed® in-office teeth whitening that can whiten your teeth by 8-11 shades in just a single, one-hour appointment.

You can maintain your whiter smile with custom whitening trays that we make for each individual patient. Zoom® uses a proprietary UV light in addition to either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to provide the best, fastest, and most predictable results. Because of its proprietary formulation, Zoom® also minimizes post-whitening sensitivity. Below is a common example of teeth, before and after Zoom® LightSpeed®.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our whitening system and arrange a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. We offer professional teeth whitening Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, and all of the surrounding Tri-cities areas. Call our Kennewick Washington office today at 509.579.0759